5 Problems That Often Occur On Your Computer

desktop computer

Have you ever had problems with your PC, computer or laptop at home or at work, even though you really wanted to get work done right away. Actually, it’s not just you who experience this, there are still many people who often have problems with PCs. In this all-digital era, it does require us to be fast-paced and one of them is to use a PC when we work. A computer or PC is a device that really helps our work, but sometimes it also makes us dizzy if the PC has problems, right? Sometimes, we only use the PC without taking care of the device.

Unfortunately, only a few people want to care about the PC they use. If the PC has a problem, then they realize and sometimes blame the PC. Who’s really at fault, you or your PC? Of course, humans are the ones who should be responsible for what they wear. For example, if you use a PC every day, if you never take care of the PC, it will be easily damaged. And it’s your fault not the PC’s. There are quite a number of problems that arise because the PC is not maintained or just used.

Below, there are 5 problems that often appear on your PC.

1. Blue Screen

Have you ever had your PC monitor suddenly turn blue and have confusing writing? Many Windows users are experiencing Blue screen problem on their PC, this is not a background change on your PC. If this happens then your PC is in trouble, so don’t get excited just yet. If suddenly the PC monitor turns blue then you have to reboot. The Blue Screen goes on continuously then you can see the writing on the screen. If you really don’t understand, it’s best to get it fixed by a computer expert.

2. Slow loading

Another problem that often occurs on PCs is slow loading or the PC suddenly runs very slowly. If this is the case, the problem may not be due to a malfunction in your PC’s components. So, do not rush to buy new components to replace the components that you think are damaged. To solve this problem, you can first monitor the ongoing process while you are working, whether the PC is capable of running heavy programs or not. Second, try to manage what applications are needed, it could be a slow PC because there are too many heavy applications. To know about the business you can visit this site marathonmontpelliermetropole

3. File sharing is missing

Files are often lost is one of the problems on a PC, this can be avoided by backing up files regularly. If the file is still missing, you can check it in the Recicle Bin or you can use special software to find the lost files.

4. Internet connection is not stable

Many internet users feel unpleasant when they are online because the internet connection is slow or less stable. This happens frequently on PCs, and if it does, perform diagnostics to help you deal with the slow connection issue.

5. PC often shuts down suddenly

A PC or Laptop that often turns off suddenly while you are working, this can harm the data you are working on. Data can be lost because you haven’t had time to save the data and the PC suddenly turns off. To fix this, you can diagnose some related components or network related power on the PC.