5 Reasons to Have a Tablet PC

tablet computer
Tablet PC

Tablet PC- Apple is the company that popularized tablet devices. Initially, many did not believe in their tablet products, because they created tablet computers with small sizes and were predicted to not have the appropriate capacity for user needs. However, in its development, Apple’s tablet is gaining popularity.

The popularity of Steve Jobs’ processed products provides a new atmosphere in the electronic world. Apple’s success in releasing a tablet follow by its competitors, such as Google, Microsoft, and HP, who were vying to make tablet devices.

Some people think this tablet is the same as a smartphone, but the fact is that the tablet is more likely for purposes in the business or work world. Tablet PCs have a wide enough screen, useful for displaying full web pages with landscape and portrait views (just like Android which auto rotates). But even though the width is not as big as a laptop/notebook, at least it’s still big enough compared to a cellphone screen.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a tablet.


It is certain that the tablet has a light load, because its size resembles a cellphone in general. The weight of a tablet PC is much lighter than a desktop computer even from a laptop or netbook even though the capabilities and functions are the same. Because of its light weight, you can take your tablet anywhere and anytime.


Of course, you can do various things, such as completing work, playing games, or watching movies in the living room, garage, school, shop, car, and even the toilet. You only need a tablet to be able to do many of these activities because the system provided by a tablet can cover a lot of people’s activities today.


Another advantage that you can get from having a tablet is the ease of operation of this tool. The level of difficulty in operating a tablet PC is minimal, especially with operating systems such as iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). Just by sliding and pressing with your finger, everything can be controlled easily. Even toddlers can play a tablet either to play games or to study.

Complete Internet

It is certain, a tablet can be used for digital activities such as browsing, email, chat, and social networking. The presence of this tablet is very helpful for today’s digital users who have many activities to do every day. To know more you can visit this site saklikentgorge


The thing that can’t be denied from having a tablet is entertainment that you can get anytime and anywhere. Because of the easy, practical, and complete internet of this tablet system, you can use the tablet as a means of entertainment when you are waiting in line and waiting for friends.

Actually, there are still many advantages that you can get from using this tablet. Of the five points above, there are a few advantages that you can definitely get.