7 Steps to Return a Laptop or Computer Affected by Viruses

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Viruses – One of the problems that often arise in the use of laptops and computers is virus and malware attacks. Then, both attacks can make your laptop or computer work slower.

Quoting from kaspersky.com, here are some steps you can take to overcome virus attacks on laptops or computers:

1. Install the virus scanner app

The first step you can take is to download a virus scanner application and complete computer security.

2. Do not connect the device to the internet

When you are planning to remove a virus from your PC, then disconnect from the internet in order to prevent further damage, as some viruses use an internet connection to spread.

3. Reboot the computer or laptop to safe mode

This process is done to protect your PC while removing viruses. The step to reboot is to turn off the computer or laptop, then turn it on again, after turning on press F8 then select ‘advanced boot options’, then press ‘safe mode on the network’.

4. Delete all temporary files

Wiping is done using ‘Disk Clean Up’. The trick is to click the windows logo, type ‘temporary files’, select ‘temporary internet files’ in the Disk File cleaning list to be deleted, then click Ok, then confirm by selecting ‘delete files’.

5. Activate antivirus and remove viruses

Next you need to activate the antivirus. When it is active and the virus is found, you can delete the virus file. So if you are looking for information about political law you can visit this site folderaccess

6. Reboot the computer

Once the virus is removed, you can reboot your computer again. Then, this process is done by turning on the computer or laptop as usual.

7. Change passwords and update software, browsers, and operating systems

Make sure you change the password to prevent a virus attack again. So If you have, you can start updating the software, browser, and operating system again.

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