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These are the world’s brightest and most influential professionals in the water space who come together to collaborate, to inspire, and push for change. We looked at consumer mobile adoption as this has large implications as to how technology is consumed, particularly in emerging economies. With both founders based in the North East it seemed a logical place for DeepMiner to remain and https://www.pieforthepeople.net/ work at growing and scaling our economy whilst working to develop a vibrant diverse tech scene in the NE of Scotland. Driven by AI, we present a private, unfiltered, unbiased, networked and connected view of information that you want to see from internal and external websites and data. We enable users to see the sentiment surrounding stories and help them make informed decisions.

Tech World

Mobile technology is also driving job creation, most notably in Asia where 18m jobs have been created through the mobile ecosystem. Sydney is the hub of AI, cybersecurity, and the blockchain development in the continent, whereas Melbourne and Auckland are heavily focusing on blockchain. The ratios next to city names are calculated by the funding for each city divided by the total funding provided to the continent.

Cambridge should be known for the leading role it has already played in breeding billion-dollar unicorn companies like our own. These companies are changing the world as we know it by thinking boldly and thinking differently. Cambridge often brings together brilliant ideas from all over the world. CEO and Founder, Louise Birritteri, lives in Norwich so it was natural that this was the place for her start-up. There is a rich supply of talent with extensive insurance experience that Louise was able to call upon and recruit from. To address this situation, we launched a range of specialist insurance products that are designed to run alongside standard home and landlord policies on offer from insurance providers.

Events like this are essential to learn the trends and discuss the challenges of digital transformation in the agribusiness scenario. At BASF Agricultural Solutions we understand the importance and support the innovation for a more sustainable agriculture. To do so in our daily jobs in https://www.wikipedia.org/ 2022, my team will support data platform development and leverage more systematically data insights in selecting risks. I have no doubt that successful digital transformation must go hand in hand with the upskilling of my team in data literacy together with a high level of empowerment.

Patients Positive About Ai Use In Healthcare, Study Shows

Tendertec, the Cardiff-based, award-winning startup, opening the door to personalised, preventative, and cost-effective elder care. The advertising industry is mature and well established, with some massive global players. Our challenge is being heard through the noise and carving out an ownable piece of the pie – whilst working on a shoestring budget! We’re always looking for new ways to grow our network and spread the word about Good-Loop, that’s why PR opportunities, events and introductions are so valuable to our business. At Good-Loop our mission is to make social impact easy and profitable for massive global brands. We have built an ethical ad platform which distributes advertising on websites and social channels around the world.

  • We work with lots of different organisations and no data footprint is the same.
  • The UK is currently behind only the US for fintech investment, but the international field is gaining strength.
  • With five leading universities and a number of top colleges on our doorstep, we have a very deep talent pool, and we’ve worked hard to enhance this by establishing strong links with these institutions.
  • The tech ecosystem in Bristol is also great, there’s lots of infrastructure and support through things like SetSquared to help you grow.

Cambridge, Bristol, Edinburgh and Oxford also make the top 20 European cities for tech investment. A futureproof, ultrafast and ultra-reliable network will enable anyone to launch a business and work from wherever they choose. It will cut down commuting and reverse a hundred-year trend towards the big urban centres. It will also unlock job opportunities for people otherwise left behind – carers, older people and parents looking to return to work. I’m really proud of the role Openreach is playing in that – investing £13bn over the last decade to upgrade the UK’s digital infrastructure and provide a platform for social and economic prosperity. To realise the potential laid bare in this report, we’ll need a concerted effort across an entire sector.


With packages for all needs, you can relax with the knowledge that your services are tailored to you and that you won’t be buying services you don’t want or need. To date, 50% of our investments have gone to women and 35% to people of colour while maintaining top-quartile venture results and less than a 2% lending loss rate. In 2022, we aim to continue our journey from a demonstration model to a scaled player, showcasing how AI can both maximize profit and accelerate inclusive growth. At CircleUp, AI supports investment decisions by using data – versus heuristics – to determine which entrepreneurs and small businesses are poised to win. Our platform also acts as a source of good by exposing profit and inclusion-blocking biases in the historically human-driven investment process.

Amid a rapidly changing world, the UK continues to act as a shining light for global tech. This report provides important, evidenced insights into the UK’s place in the world, providing a true State of the Nation when it comes to UK tech. So this report only fortifies my optimism in our ability to remake the world wondrously and benignly – and this Government is determined to seize the opportunity. We are investing in education, infrastructure and technology, levelling up across the regions of our country. We are doubling investment in basic science research, and using the newfound control of our immigration system to fast track the talent for our continued success. We are strictly focused on law firms whose main client focus is on technology companies and innovative, entrepreunial organisations.

Our unique proposition lies with our proprietary platform and managed service approach. As an automation partner, with the largest team of Professional Support Lawyers , developers, automation experts and analysts in the UK, Clarilis takes on the implementation challenges on behalf of client firms and businesses. Our biggest commercial market is the US, where we organise data from one in sixty cars. Austin has been named the fastest-growing large city in the US and is a hotbed for technology, startups and innovation.

Purpose-driven tech companies in particular are coming to the fore, harnessing technology to solve global problems. Thriving tech companies wherever they are based raise our collective ambition, and drive momentum for positive change. To measure the total number of tech and tech-enabled jobs across the economy, we used data from the Office for National Statistics Annual Population Survey .

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