Wireless Mouse Compared to Wired Mouse

computer mouse

Wireless Mouse Compared to Wired Mouse. This small object that is shifted right and left above is a tool that greatly facilitates work in front of a computer or laptop. The mouse is still more comfortable to use and speeds up the selection of various menus in the program being used. In use, the wireless mouse uses electromagnetic waves to send signals when you control the cursor on the monitor. At first glance, the way a wireless mouse works is no different from a wired mouse in general.

This is the advantage of a wireless mouse over a wired mouse.

  • With no cables, the worktable will be more spacious
    The advantage of the first wireless mouse is that it makes your work desk look tidy and spacious. If you used to see messy cables on the table before, not anymore. The wider the capacity of your work table, it will automatically make the table look tidier. That way, you can be more comfortable at work.
  • Anti tripping on the cable

If you use a wireless mouse, there will be no more cables wrapped around your computer or laptop. That way, you will be freer to use the computer without having to be disturbed by cables that run across.

Looks cooler

Wireless Mouse Compared to Wired Mouse. If you have a cool PC or laptop, of course, a wireless mouse can add to the coolness level of your PC or laptop. For example, you are the latest Macbook user, but your mouse still uses a cable.

Portability and mobility

One of the main advantages of using a wireless mouse is portability and mobility. A wireless mouse that doesn’t have a cable, of course, will be very compact when taken anywhere. It is undeniable, laptop users are now more comfortable using a mouse compared to the sensor pad on a laptop. If previously we had to roll the mouse cable first when we wanted to carry it, then using a wireless mouse is not necessary. With these advantages, a wireless mouse is certainly more portable to carry anywhere. Even when using it, a wireless mouse can further support your mobility. Not only at your desk, but you can also use a wireless mouse on your lap, even on your bed without being disturbed by tangled cables.

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Work and play games more freely

Almost in line with the previous point, the use of a wireless mouse is more reliable in terms of range. For some jobs that require more flexible mouse movements such as graphic design, of course, a wireless mouse will further support the work. On the other hand, this also applies when you play games. For games like Point Blank, wide and free mouse movement is also required. Do not let the mouse cable wrapped around your table interfere with the only few more wins left.
Behind the advantages of not requiring cables when operating, there are drawbacks that you should know too.

Using batteries

Wireless Mouse Compared to Wired Mouse. The consequence of not using cables is that the battery is implanted in the mouse body. This is the source of energy to wander around the screen. So we have to spend money to buy it when all its contents are drained.

It Easy to lose

It could be that our hands unconsciously carry the mouse here and there and end up parked somewhere else. A place you never thought possible. If only we use a mouse with a cable, an ordinary mouse, this tool has very little chance of moving. Unless the cord is unplugged. As long as the cable gets stuck on the computer, the mouse can never be carried here and there because the cable becomes a barrier.