Benefits of Digital Technology for Indonesian Millennials

The Technology
Digital Technology

Millennials are a generation that has the ability, has a high spirit and has broader knowledge to develop, improve and advance the country. Even to achieve a revolution, a nation is usually driven by millennials in Indonesia. With the development of the era that advances digital technology in Indonesia, millennials are increasingly burning to take advantage of it. Digital technology itself has functions and benefits that can be felt by the community, especially millennials in Indonesia. some of the functions and benefits of which are to assist work in creating, converting, storing, conveying information and disseminating information quickly and with quality and efficiency. Here are some of the functions and benefits of digital technology for millennials in Indonesia.

Telecommunications sector

In the current digital era, millennials in Indonesia use digital technology in the telecommunications sector. It was recorded through research published by that in 2017 there were 132 million internet users in Indonesia with a growth rate of 51% in just a year. At this time, all people, especially millennials in Indonesia, communicate quickly and easily using sophisticated tools. Not only that, it is easy for millennials in Indonesia to create digital content through various digital platforms such as websites, blogs, and social media using various tools from digital technology such as computers, laptops, to mobile phones or smartphones.

Education World

Millennials in Indonesia use it in the world of education. The use of sophisticated tools such as computers and smartphones is very helpful for millennials in obtaining sources of information about learning materials through several supporting applications related to the world of education in Indonesia. Not only that, millennials can also access learning materials from abroad by opening several special websites on the internet. Then, millennials also take advantage of this digital technology as a means to increase motivation and interest in learning, especially in education and technology.

Banking world

In the banking world. With the times that make digital technology in Indonesia more sophisticated, banking in Indonesia is also increasingly sophisticated. With ATM machine technology, all customers, including millennials, can easily withdraw their savings. The development of digital technology has made it easier for the public, to make and manage their finances in a variety of ways. To know more information about computers you can visit this site ntt-infolead

World of work

Then, they also feel the use of technology in the world of work. The innovations that exist in digital technology, it greatly facilitates the work of the Indonesian people, especially millennials. For example in the business world that uses social media to promote products or services. And people, especially millennials, take advantage of the use of E-commerce to make buying and selling online easily and quickly.


Not only that, in several other fields, millennials in Indonesia are also feeling and taking advantage of them. For example in the health sector, the world of hobbies, lifestyle and so on. The role of information technology and digital technology in Indonesia for millennials is inseparable from the media of computers, cellphones, television and other electronic devices. Therefore, it must continue to improve and develop the technology. Millennials will always look forward to positive changes in digital technology in Indonesia. Given that it is millennials who will use and utilize this technology very well.