Best Computer Speakers 2022

computer speakers

At $150, Razer’s Nommo Chroma directly competes with several other options on this list. I’d guess that’s mostly people that plan to move around a whole bunch and want something simple, otherwise the Logitech Z407 is a less flashy but more full-featured option. The best PC speakers punctuate your gaming and desktop experience with superb audio.

computer speakers

We compare the sound quality between the different connections and whether the end result has the same audio quality or not. During our listening sessions, we focus on how well the low-end, midrange and high-end frequencies are represented and how it all affects the speakers’ frequency response. Some speakers might have too much high-end, making for an overly bright and unpleasant listening experience.

Bose Companion 2 Series Iii: Best Pc Speakers For Minimalist Setups

Usefully, all the cables that Logitech does supply are 1.5m long so you can spread the units out. If you want to add decent sound to your PC but money, space and power outlets are all at a premium then Creative’s compact Stage Air soundbar has a lot to recommend it. A slender but solid-feeling black plastic bar with an aluminium mesh grille at the front, the look and feel of the Stage Air belie its budget price. If you’re looking for something with a decent amount of oomph and don’t have a lot to spend, the Creative Pebble Plus is an excellent choice. Unlike the Logitech Z200 or the Creative Pebble V3, the Plus has a dedicated subwoofer; this improves the speakers’ frequency response, where it extends down to 50Hz as opposed to 100Hz on the 2.0 system.

  • The centerpiece of these speakers are their woven glass fiber drivers, which are designed to produce tighter sound with higher frequencies.
  • You will also need to invest in a mouse and a keyboard to in order to input information.
  • A remote or control pod are a welcome addition so you can adjust the volume and possibly other parameters without having to minimize whatever you’re watching or playing.

Hands-down, this is the best computer speakers for those on a tight budget. It’s not always about looks, though, and the MR1s doesn’t disappoint in the sound department. They deliver mighty powerful audio and hit you with some strong bass without needing a subwoofer . Mainly because many soundbars out there are tuned and made for TVs and not PC gaming. Often, the soundbar is too big for your desk or too small, and the sound lacks any oomph. However, that’s not the case here, and the Sound Blaster Katana V2 earns a top spot among computer speakers during our time testing it.

Usb Multimedia Mini Portable Speaker For Computer Desktop Notebook Laptop Pc

So this means you can drag this small speaker right to the living room and give your TV a sound boost (assuming it’s Bluetooth) or connect your phone and enjoy some tunes on the go. For sweet sounds to wake up to – and drift off to – you can fix the SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker to the bedside wall, where it will happily hold your nighttime reading, too. However, if you are looking for a good sounding 2.1 speaker system, the Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos has you covered.

While it’s hardly necessary, having a speaker setup that comes with a subwoofer included can also have a compounding effect on your listening experience. Primarily designed for use over Bluetooth, the MR1 MKII feature AUX-in and optical inputs on the rear of their right satellite. These additional connection options are very welcome and mean the MR1 can gamely double-up as TV speakers if you don’t own a soundbar.

If you don’t want to stretch your budget to the flashier Logitech G560 speaker set, the company’s much more tame Z407 set offers a great alternative for less money. They’re effectively a similar set of two tweeters and a subwoofer but ditch all the gamer stylings and lights of the fancier kit. Logitech’s software allows you to choose between two control modes for the speakers.

They don’t have the biggest footprint on this list, but the Nommo Chroma are all about quality. The centerpiece of these speakers are their woven glass fiber drivers, which are designed to produce tighter sound with higher frequencies. Thanks to these drivers, you’ll be able to hear distinct layers and details that just aren’t present in other computer speakers. The Fives are versatile enough to work alongside everything from turntables to TV’s, smartphones and more. Plus, they offer the ability to add a powered subwoofer in the mix, in case you’re searching for more low end than The Fives’ 4.5” long-throw woofers are capable of. A high-quality headset greatly improves your experience by eliminating noisy distractions while also helping you hear the minute in-game sound cues of your competition can’t.