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Grid view shows people on your FaceTime call in tiles of the same size, so you can have better conversations with a large group. The speaker is automatically highlighted so you always know who’s talking. The whole group can see what’s next and add songs to a shared queue, with synced playback and easy-to-use controls.


Bold or enlarge text, increase contrast, invert colours and more for only the apps you want. Explore people, objects, text and tables within images in more detail with VoiceOver. Navigate receipts and nutrition label values in logical order. And move your finger over a photo to discover a person’s position relative to other objects in the image.

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Alternatively you can choose the Bruce Schneier designed TwoFish or a modern stream cipher like ChaCha20. If you’ve used iOS 15, you probably already know about the Live Text feature that allows your phone’s camera to capture text and paste it into other apps. You could already use Live Text with Notes and Reminders, but iOS 15.4 improves the integration of this text-scanning feature. To get the feature up and running, head to Face ID & Passcode where there’s now a toggle for using Face ID with a mask on. After all that’s set up, Face ID should unlock anytime you glance at the phone, even if you’ve got a mask on. If you can run iOS 15 on your current iPhone, you’ll be able to use the iOS 15.4 update.

  • Synchronise your devices to take your favourite bookmarks, saved logins, passwords and browsing history wherever you go.
  • The BBC iPlayer website is officially supported on devices running iOS 7 and above.
  • The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.
  • We build products like Firefox and Pocket to promote choice, transparency and control.
  • Mozilla VPN Get protection beyond your browser, on all your devices.
  • Liostasi Lifestyle Spa offers an awakening experience that comes along with our signature view.

With SharePlay, you can watch together, listen together and share your screen within FaceTime.2 FaceTime calls also sound and feel more natural. And Messages makes it even easier to find and enjoy the great content shared from friends and family. Safely create, store and manage passwords on your iOS device, as well as payment card numbers and other sensitive information, thanks to ESET Password Manager – part of ESET Smart Security Premium. IOS users should be more concerned about phishing scams targeting their online services and Apple ID credentials. Head to the Apple website to find advice on how to update the iOS on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. If you can update your device to iOS 12 or above, you can install the BBC iPlayer app from the Apple App Store.

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See your family’s and friends’ locations with continuous updates. Locate your devices using the Find My network if they’ve been erased, or for up to 24 hours even after they’ve been turned off. Systemwide translation lets you translate text you select, even in many third-party apps. In the app, Auto Translate and Face to Face view improve conversation flow and make it easier to follow along. Productivity updates in Notes enable you to organise with tags and collaborate in new ways with mentions and an Activity view. Hide My Email is built into Mail, Safari and iCloud Settings.

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