Content Writer: 7 Main Duties of a Content Writer

Content Writer: 7 Main Duties of a Content Writer

Content Writer- In this digital age, Content Writer is one of the professions that many companies are looking for to grow their platform. This is due to the shift of news and marketing media from electronic to digital forms.

Becoming a Content Writer is not as easy as it seems. Content Writer requires qualified skills and must understand well its main tasks. What are the duties and responsibilities of a content writer? Here’s the discussion.

7 Main Duties of a Content Writer

Content writers need to know their job so that what they write has more value and can reach the target audience. Writing must also be easy to read and easy to understand.

These are the 7 main tasks of a Content Writer that you must know.

  1. Assigned to write content that is in accordance with the order and relevant to the platform to be filled. For example, for a health website, the content will certainly be different from a technology website.
  2. Have a task to analyze or do research, before writing. The data or information contained in the writing must be reliable and accountable.
  3. Content Writer is tasked with finding keywords or keywords to write about because this is closely related to SEO so that the writing can be easily found by readers through Google searches.
  4. Assigned to educate readers, by being able to present complex information but easy to understand.
  5. Content Writers who work in the Marketing division, then Content Writers must be able to make the products offered easy to find, as well as the website can get a lot of viewers. Content Writer in the marketing division is one of the most profitable positions for the company.
  6. In charge of understanding a good writing format. Including doing self-editing and ensuring the spelling of punctuation is good and correct in the created manuscript.
  7. Assigned to complete the writing according to the deadline. A credible and professional Content Writer will have no trouble getting a job or writing an order. If the customers can trust them to carry out their duties according to the agreement.

A series of skills and abilities that a content writer must have


Content writers need to know what the criteria for SEO-friendly content are. Content writers must be observant and always updated with this SEO development.

Have a Qualified Writing Ability

It is undeniable, that not everyone can be a good and true writer. We must learn writing skills, including understanding the format of writing in accordance with applicable regulations. Writing looks very easy but you have to learn to be able to write professionally.

Great Curiosity

Before writing an article, the writer must have the will to dig up information from various places to get reliable data and information. It is a moral burden for the writer if the information he presents turns out to be untrue, especially if it contains hoaxes. Doing this research is a skill that is very mandatory for content writers.

Reading Target Reader

Content writers must also have the ability to read the target reader, this skill is very important in writing. Must adapt the way and style of our writing to the target reader. For example, writing for a young reader will be different for an adult target audience.

Understanding What Readers Want.

Well, for one, content writers really have to keep updating about information that is currently busy among the public, both at home and abroad. The ability to find themes, titles, and keywords for writing that readers like requires a learning process and sensitivity.