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Have a look to see how we can help, and how you can access our services. A call to action can provide a strong scent for users looking to complete a common task e.g. Order your copy of our MSc brochure or Listen to our podcast. From the heart of the UK in our Warwick office, our experience and methodology makes it simple for us to work with clients across the country and the world – as far away as Australia.

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Do you need to generate more high quality leads, sales & new customers online? Our friendly, experienced team of Web Designers & Developers, Digital Marketing &SEO Experts are here to help you – every step of the way. Take a look at the 5 Star Reviews we have received from our happy clients.

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If you own or manage a business that needs a really strong digital presence to attract & win new customers or clients, then we can definitely help you. Based on many years of working successfully with trades businesses, we are delighted to have designed a specialist offering for our trades clients called the “Trades Digital Toolkit”. We work with you to help you make the most of your online presence, so that you can attract your preferred customers, deliver more of the services that you enjoy & that are most profitable. Edge of the Web create stunning websites and systems that stand out in every business sector. Our expert team of designers, developers, marketers and more put user experience at the heart of every project, making products that you and your customers love.

  • Edge of the Web create stunning websites and systems that stand out in every business sector.
  • This helps users find what they need quickly and absorb it easily.
  • To keep continually improving your website, you’ll want to know how your users are engaging with it.
  • This article describes how to access Outlook on the web, and then use Outlook on the web to change your password.
  • Ambitious businesses need world class digital products, and that takes much more than just something that looks great.
  • Diana from the Web Design and SEO Company in Plymouth created a new website for my Plymouth-based business MLT Plumbing & Heating.

But these aren’t bullet points providing you with information, best practices, procedures/processes, blueprints, or any sort of content strategy enlightenment – they are simply lists of questions. A handful of reasons for having a content strategy are presented in the first couple of chapters . After that, the author just rambles and waffles about, well, actually very little. No original ideas are presented – whenever the author says “the following process will help do X or Y” there’s always a little footnote disclaimer that the process in question was provided by someone else. To the author’s credit, the topic of auditing a site is introduced – but then she simply says make a list of your webpages on an excel sheet – she’s clearly forgotten that sitemaps are available. This self-study module offers insights into best practices for writing online, whether for a website, e-newsletter, social media or news articles.

Since then the team have designed, launched and optimised a brand new website which is simply fantastic. Content Strategy for the Web describes many of the elements which require someone who can control, manage and understand each of the content components which come together as the entire content strategy. I found this book an exceptional eye opener to the parts of website design and development which most people always overlook. After that, all you need is a bit of common sense – avoid this book. There’s a few examples – of basically some really crap and obscure websites. Thus, the author can say “these aren’t a good examples of managing content”.

Digital is always evolving, so get some real world insights into design, development, online marketing and business with our blog. Drive your business to the next level with our blazing fast, reliable, secure cloud based applications and websites. But they’re not just pretty, they’re innovative products that grow your business. The Web as we know it today is the product of decades of innovation, spanning two distinct eras. With Web 1.0, the world experienced a period of rapid internet adoption, piquing the interest of companies which then rapidly ballooned in value on the back of new-fangled business models. It wasn’t until Web 2.0, however, that the modern internet as we know it today began to take shape, one built on user data and dominated by a relatively small number of giant tech companies.

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Her first book, Content Strategy for the Web, is considered the gold standard for content strategy literature. Web users read in short chunks, getting enough info to make a choice, move on or take an action. This volume argues that now is the time to question what we have learnt from the Web so far.

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Get free advice on design, development and digital marketing by email. Ambitious businesses need world class digital products, and that takes much more than just something that looks great. We deliver user centric solutions, from conception to ongoing growth and support.

Strict hierarchy sitebuilder uses a model we call ‘strict hierarchy’. Even though he is a retired qualified Chartered Accountant, Roger’s dry wit and experience in the University of Life has made him the ideal business mentor for the Company. Roger brings a sense of grounding in an industry where hot air and youthful enthusiasm is often the order of the day – assurance that the business maintains both its profitability and strategic direction. 2021 has been a truly unforgettable year for the team at WDSEO. Thank you to each & every one of our lovely clients for your continued…