How To Build A Pc From Scratch

how to build a computer

If necessary, screw in your motherboard’s standoffs into the correct holes depending on the size and layout of your motherboard. You can look at your motherboard to figure it out, or install them where your manual suggests. The motherboard is the most unweildy component in your system, but since it acts as the foundation for everything else in your case, installing it correctly is of paramount importance.

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  • There are 4K screens for high resolution media playback, and creative professionals.
  • Try to check the CPU temperatures and make sure it operates somewhere around degrees Celsius (86 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit).

For instructions on installing the processor, power supply, and putting the motherboard in the case, consult each component’s owner’s manual. The act of installation or assembling parts isn’t complicated, but there is the potential for errors to occur. That’s why it’s best to follow the more detailed step-by-step instructions for each specific part.

As with any other component, make sure that your graphics card is compatible with your motherboard. A dedicated graphics card is essential for playing the latest games, but not a major issue for a computer you plan on using for daily tasks. If you watch or edit a lot of HD video or play a lot of games, you’ll want a dedicated graphics card. There is a limit to how much RAM your computer can use, and that limit is dictated by your processor’s capabilities and your applications. If a program stores only 1GB data in the RAM, more RAM won’t accelerate the task.

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The chipset provides options and connectivity on the motherboard, and higher priced chipsets offer you more features. There’s a lot of different chipsets, so to simplify, the higher the chipset number, the more functionality your motherboard will have. Coolers need to provide corresponding brackets, as bracket positioning may vary slightly depending on the socket on the motherboard. Each CPU cooler supports a different thermal design power , indicating the upper range of heat output that it can handle. More powerful CPUs need better coolers to ensure stable operation.

how to build a computer

Slide it in and screw it into place, making sure that it’s aligned with the front of the case. Just as with the hard drive, you can use any available connector from the power supply. You’ll also use the cable that came with the optical drive to connect it to the motherboard (align the red stripe for “pin 1”) and plug the other end into the drive. Again, there’s an obvious place for it to plug in on the motherboard and on the drive itself. Building a computer is easy, but building a budget computer is hard, especially if you’re aiming for performance.

Step 7: Cd

AMD GPUs have similar power requirements, with a Radeon RX 6800 needing 650 watts, an RX 6800XT needs 750 watts, and a Radeon RX 6900XT needing 850 watts. Always install components and RAM with the power off. On first boot, the DDR4 is set to its default speed, commonly 2133 or 2400 megahertz.

Most modern PC cases comes with SSD bays of some sort. But if you’re case doesn’t, the 3.5-inch drive caddies typically reserved for hard drives should have compatible mounting points. No matter what type of storage drive you’re installing, ensure the connection ports are facing towards a cable cut-out inside your chassis as it will make routing cables easier.

Make sure your front panel connectors can be easily accessed and are completely visible through the IO shield. Then, taking a screwdriver, tap the two pins on the front of the motherboard labelled “power switch”. This should make the CPU cooling fan start spinning and the computer should start. We think the ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming is a solid option for an AMD-based build whereas the ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus WiFi D4 is our pick for Intel-based builds. It’s worth pointing out that the Z690 motherboard can only be used with Intel’s new 12th gen Alder Lake processors.