Season’s Greetings Emails – The Do’s and Don’ts

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As an individual and an email marketer, people would be busy at the end of the year. There would be a lot of events and celebrations your audience might take part in. 

It would be best if you approached them in a way that’s effective and upbeat.

Before we look at how you should craft the happy holiday emails, you must see if your prospect list is healthy.

An email list is healthy when you have only relevant audiences in your list containing accurate email addresses.

How to find someone’s email address? is the one-word answer I would give to people when they ask me how to find someone’s email address.

Unlike many other search tools, this tool doesn’t just scrape the email address from the internet. finds the email address format of professionals just by knowing their name and company domain. 

This is possible because of the big data and machine algorithm mechanism.

Now let us see the dos and don’ts in a holiday greeting email. 

Holiday greetings email

Holiday season greetings emails generally address the occasion as a whole and are meant as a positive message to the audience. 

You can use these emails to provide discounts, gifts, or just good wishes to your recipients.

Here are some excellent practices to plan your happy emails. 

Segment Your Audience

When you segment your audience, you will quickly identify their needs and accordingly create personalized email templates. 

Your audience’s relationships with your organization significantly impact the type of holiday emails you send to them.

Make it Easy to Opt-in or Opt-out.

It’s pretty common to have people who are not comfortable getting happy holiday emails. 

Some celebrations could be irrelevant to some and may even be upsetting to a few others. You must respect an individual’s perception and send your emails accordingly.

It would be best if you kept an opt-out option, through which recipients could quickly opt out from your happy email list.

This will give a good impression about you for respecting your customer’s preference.

Learn from the Past

It would be best if you got insights from your past holiday email campaign. 

The data will tell you which messages resonated well with your audience that got a more extended read period. 

You will also know the timing and subject lines that had a higher email open rate and interactions. 

If a strategy didn’t work out well before, you might use the insights to learn what went wrong and avoid repeating those steps that led to the failure.

Get your emails reviewed.

This is an important step you shouldn’t skip. Ask a community member to check your plan emails before sending them to the recipients.

It is always safe to double-check with your team members. 

Add some fun elements.

Feelings such as joy and gratitude are universal. Don’t be sales-driven in all your emails. 

Often, take some time and thank your customers for being a part of your journey. 

You can even share with them the behind-the-scenes from your office; that’s fun.

Final Thoughts

Like every email campaign, this holiday email approach will also bring you the opportunity to learn and improve.