Social media advertising guide for small businesses


Social media marketing refers to using social media platforms and websites to promote products and services and communicate with the target market. It’s a popular way for a brand to expand its reputation and companies benefit from being able to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Social media marketing continues to grow in popularity as more and more brands use popular platforms to connect with their consumers and target their audience segments directly.

Business Marketing and Advertising

Profit’s fine to an extent, but where does it fit in the wider scheme of things? Is it more important than taking care of our people and our customers and the world we live in? Does the organisation have a stated philosophy that might inspire people at a deeper level? Dare we aspire to build organisations of truly great worth and value to the world? The stronger our philosophy, the easier it is to build and run a great organisation.

Ready to start advertising your small business online?

Encourage traffic to your website by pinning an image directly from it or uploading an image you own and editing the link to point to the relevant page on your website. Don’t solely promote your products or services on this channel. Ensure you pin other images to topical boards to showcase the inspiration behind your brand image. Use your Twitter profile to tweet about business news, products, events and anything relevant to your industry that your customers would find interesting.

  • Apart from reminding current customers about your business, advertising can also help to create or develop a distinctive brand for your business.
  • Often the most difficult challenge in producing a newsletter is sustaining it.
  • The internet can prove an invaluable tool toward achieving advertising results.
  • (This all assumes that you have profitable products/services to sell, and that you do not have a problem being paid for services/products already supplied).

This module will enable you to study a variety of topics within digital strategy such as digital disruption, situation analysis, strategic decision-making and implementation planning. Become an expert in successful and innovative communication between brands and target audiences. You’ll use your knowledge to drive sustainable organisational growth. A streamlined and carefully considered strategy will help you to channel your marketing budget, and efforts, into something more likely to be successful. A well-thought-out design can make or break your advertising campaign.

How to protect your brand and trading names

People are largely unaware that much of what they read in the local and national newspapers is in fact carefully planned PR. They are therefore more receptive towards it and moreover believe it almost without question. It’s about optimising every detail that you can in your advertising methods, so that you make it as easy as possible for people to receive your messages. The UK Advertising Standards Authority would prevent you from making overly extravagant claims anyway, but you should still attempt to make your offer seem perfectly credible. There are plenty of positive effective perfectly ethical ways to engage potential customers in sales discussions. Social networking websites enable customer reviews and feedback on a truly vast scale.

Social First, CV Second: How Gen Z is Changing the Hiring Process

It’s also a place you can showcase your credentials – links to testimonials, accreditations and blogs you’ve written. For example, you run a clothing business for babies and toddlers and need to increase your brand awareness. You could send some products to presenters of a daytime TV show targeted at mothers in the hope it would get featured on the show. If they did, you could promote this on your website and social media with an ‘as seen on TV’ angle.

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