Marvel studios announce spate of new blockbuster movies and shows at San Diego Comic

God knows how many minutes this full list runs to, but the Apollo 11 lads would be getting on for Jupiter by the time the credits roll on. That’s a fairly hefty to-watch list to be getting on with. Then came the start of the The Multiverse Saga, which we’re currently knee-deep in. And before you set out to watch the whole thing top to tail, you need to work out exactly what order you’re going to watch them in.

Again, takes place at the same time as Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk. Introduces Thor and sets up the big finale of Phase one of the MCU. Hawkeye also makes his first appearance in Thor, ahead of Avengers. Here’s a guide to the chronological order you should watch all 24 Marvel films.

  • Tony Stark makes it clear he’s looking for a way out of the avenging business, Wanda
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