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Whereas the DDR4 memory in your computer is emptied when there’s no power, SSDs and M.2 drives can store data without power. For SSDs, they use the same SATA connectors as hard drives, but good drives offer read and write speeds of over 500 megs a second, triple the speed of hard https://www.pieforthepeople.net/ drives. These go up to 2 terabyte capacities, some reaching 4 terabytes. This is a processor specifically designed to handle graphics. Some processors come with a GPU already integrated, which is enough to manage light productivity but not enough for playing the latest 3D games.

  • Most 5.25-inch drives, if you’re using them, will either screw in place or use a simple tool-free system on one or both sides of the drive cage.
  • The big difference is where the connecting pins are — On Intel builds, the pins are on the socket while in AMD’s case, the pins
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