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Usage cannot be guaranteed permanently due to potential future technical developments (e.g. of the Service availability and/or Smartphone compatibility/operating systems). Android Auto™ makes it easier and safer to use your favourite smartphone apps on the road in your BMW. Control the functions conveniently by voice command via Google Assistant.


The UK has a higher percentage of iPhone users than most of Europe, which has made it one of the more competitive countries, with Android and iOS both fighting for the most market share. Apple has recently overtaken Android, with Android at 47 percent market share in Q1 2021. Android has 38 percent market share in the United States as of Q1 2021, which has been falling ever since Q3 2019, when it had 45 percent market share. Apple has always been the most popular smartphone brand in the country. With titans of the industry such as Samsung, LG, Motorola and … Read More