Women In Tech Global Summit

This trend can be largely expected, as a maturing and more confident ecosystem leads to larger, older and more developed companies raising later rounds of investment. Just a few years ago so-called ‘megarounds’ of investment of over $100m were almost unheard of in the UK, where now they are common place. China‚Äôs economic growth decelerated by about 0.1 percentage points per quarter in 2018 (from 6.8%, to 6.7%, 6.5& and 6.4%).

Porto Alegre and Santiago is heavily focusing on AI, and Joinville on cybersecurity. In fact, almost half of the total investment in the continent (47%) was made towards AI development. Shanghai has raised a considerable amount of funding for AI development as well. VC investment made into China was concentrated in Beijing, where funds were funnelled towards AI development as well as robotics and cybersecurity. Cleantech – acting to reduce negative human environmental impact – will be a key … Read More