Meteorological Technology World Expo

The Forum established the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network in 2017 to ensure that new and emerging technologies will help—not harm—humanity in the future. Headquartered in San Francisco, the network launched centres in China, India and Japan in 2018 and is rapidly establishing locally-run Affiliate Centres in many countries around the world. To lead effectively in the 2020s and beyond, businesses and governments must ingest, analyze and act upon this data in real-time. Unless well managed, however, flows of information cannot be used to guide decisions and can even hinder leadership. The mRNA vaccines, stemming from technology considered fringe not so long ago, were developed and deployed to billions of people in a fraction of the time for a normal vaccine development process. The implementation of digital infrastructure across all industries has reshaped the way we work and has allowed for new collaborations across geographies and sectors.

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