Help with computers, internet and I T training

You can use computers and access the internet for free in all our libraries. There is now no charge to use our computers in Council run libraries or other Council premises. There is a small charge for each item you print, to cover our costs. If you need to save your work, you will need your own flash memory or you can use one of the many free online storage facilities. If you save work to our computers, it will be automatically deleted at the end of your session; this is to protect your confidentiality. Special keyboards and trackball pointing devices are available.

  • Children’s computers can only be booked with a children’s card number.
  • Use them to read e-books or e-audiobooks and browse e-newspapers or e-magazines.
  • Library staff will record this permission on our customer database.
  • You can connect your phone or camera to download photos if this will work
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