Tips for Buying a Used iPhone that is Smooth and Quality

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iPhone that is Smooth and Quality. After releasing the iPhone XR and iPhone XS series, Apple launched the iPhone 11 series on September 20, 2019 yesterday. The presence of the iPhone 11 series makes fanatic fans immediately upgrade and sell their old iPhones. The launch of the latest iPhone series is also a breath of fresh air for used iPhone hunters. Apart from the lower price, even though the iPhone is used, the prestige still goes up. But don’t buy the wrong one, there are tips on buying a used iPhone so that your intention to style with an iPhone results in disaster.
Here are that is still very feasible, but cheap.

Don’t come from an iPhone,

iPhone that is Smooth and Quality. choose the type of iPhone that is still recommended
If you really want to use the iPhone as your main smartphone and for a long time, you should buy the iPhone 6 series and above.

Distinguish what is iPhone FU and SU.

As a potential iPhone user, you must know the difference between the iPhone SU and FU. iPhone FU (factory unlock) is a type of iPhone that is not locked by the iPhone manufacturer so that this iPhone can be used for all SIM cards around the world. While the iPhone SU (software unlock) is a type of iPhone that has been unlocked using the software. So this iPhone was previously the kind of iPhone that was locked by the factory to use only one card.

Find an iPhone that is still under warranty

Tips for Buying a Used iPhone that is Smooth and Quality. Usually, the price is more expensive, but why not if the quality is more guaranteed. You should know that there is no international warranty term for the iPhone, which is a regional warranty.

Don’t forget to check the IMEI, don’t take the risk of buying an iPhone from the black market

After searching, get good items, don’t forget to read the product description that the seller wrote, and ask if there is anything unclear regarding the completeness of the device. Make sure it’s complete and still original.

Do not buy refurbished items or international warranties

It was explained earlier that the iPhone is not sold with an international warranty. Many iPhone vendors are claiming to have international guarantees and it turns out that the items they sell are refurbished or reconditioned goods from damaged iPhones.

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Know the different iPhone series

Don’t want to buy a second iPhone 7, but what you get is the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. The design is almost the same, but there are still some differences that you should know. Like the shape of the camera and the loss of the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7.Before you meet up, it’s good to know the different types of iPhones in detail.

Ask COD to check the physical condition

To ensure your physical condition, you should ask for transactions with COD (cash on delivery). When making transactions with the COD system, try to find a comfortable place and don’t need to rush.

Ensure all features are functional

iPhone that is Smooth and Quality. Check the overall responsiveness of the screen, make sure all touch screen functions are running. From the top-down, right-left to the corners of the screen. Check the ambient light sensor. This sensor will dim the iPhone screen when it is in the dark. How to check it, cover the top 1/3 of the screen with your hands or other tools. Check connectivity, be it cellular networks, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Check the camera, try to tinker with the camera, and take photos with flash or without flash, and see the results. You can try a selfie too.