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This trend can be largely expected, as a maturing and more confident ecosystem leads to larger, older and more developed companies raising later rounds of investment. Just a few years ago so-called ‘megarounds’ of investment of over $100m were almost unheard of in the UK, where now they are common place. China’s economic growth decelerated by about 0.1 percentage points per quarter in 2018 (from 6.8%, to 6.7%, 6.5& and 6.4%).

Porto Alegre and Santiago is heavily focusing on AI, and Joinville on cybersecurity. In fact, almost half of the total investment in the continent (47%) was made towards AI development. Shanghai has raised a considerable amount of funding for AI development as well. VC investment made into China was concentrated in Beijing, where funds were funnelled towards AI development as well as robotics and cybersecurity. Cleantech – acting to reduce negative human environmental impact – will be a key component of any sustainable future, and is at the forefront of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. £10.1bn was invested in UK tech in 2019, breaking the all-time record for tech investment in the UK.

  • But also specific to Belfast or Northern Ireland is that the support financially, and even just from an education point of view, that we have with invest NI is really significant.
  • And what’s even more encouraging is that our success is being built on a network of tech clusters.
  • If you’re a tech entrepreneur, be it aspiring, scaling or late stage, we have a growth stage or sector programme.
  • In September 2019 we had almost doubled in size and moved from offices within the Satellite Applications Catapult to our own offices at the Harwell Innovation Centre.

The platform provides full transparency of the supply chain, from seed to sale or field to factory. Therefore more profitable procurement decisions can be made by planning, forecasting and recording all production and supply information in one central platform. There were 20x more digital tech https://www.pieforthepeople.net/ job vacancies than creative job vacancies, and 9x more than manufacturing vacancies. As 3G continues to replace 2G as a global baseline, as 4G takes a global lead and with 5G on the horizon, we expect to see the influence of mobile connectivity continue to grow over the next ten years.

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OceanMind is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to empower enforcement and compliance to protect the world’s oceans. Our work helps preserve marine biodiversity, protect livelihoods, and prevent slavery in the seafood https://www.wikipedia.org/ industry using satellites and artificial intelligence to identify fishing activities and suspected non-compliance. Every day, the team are contributing to work that changes people’s lives and helps protect the oceans.

Fluence integrates AI into government departments and public sector organisation to improve decision making, automate routine tasks and verify high-stakes judgements, optimising employee time to focus on higher-value work. Utilising cutting edge Natural Language Processing technologies, Fluence’s AI analyses 500+ linguistic characteristics to unearth new insights, quality assure existing judgements and make better-than-human predictions on your content. The Cloud-based platform is able to process thousands of documents instantly making it simple to deploy across your whole organisation, supporting employees wherever they may be based.

Tech World

Lancaster University is known globally as one of the best seats of learning for English language and linguistics, and it was the place where our founders, James Walkerdine and Phil Greenwood were completing their PHDs. By putting various language assets side-by-side and comparing it, tiny nuances in the way people talk can be discovered, and these reveal game-changing insights about any specific demographic. With five leading universities and a number of top colleges on our doorstep, we have a very deep talent pool, and we’ve worked hard to enhance this by establishing strong links with these institutions. Through these close relationships, we’re able to engage with students at the formative stages of their studies and introduce them to new career paths, which has helped us foster our highly successful graduate scheme. We’ve stayed in Birmingham because the cost of starting a business is much lower than other large cities.

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The young business also found that early stage (Seed – B2C) investment in Yorkshire is poor. The firm has recently completed its second round of funding but the previous rounds were very challenging and resulted in having to go to London to secure this. We believe that escaping the rut of Shoreditch and the City for other regions and building sustainable high-tech businesses elsewhere is good for everyone involved. We also aim to create a different culture and lifestyle to more known hubs such as London. We like that idea that we can build a business that fits with our mission and ethos – to create a more caring world – and what better way than to be by the coast!

Indeed, public companies want to access retail for better deal outcomes, improved trading liquidity and to maintain best in class governance standards. Unfortunately, investment banks cannot access retail investors on a deal because it is fragmented, deals are time sensitive and there is an administrative burden. At the heart of our technology is Bayesian mathematics developed by Bill Fitzgerald and a team of academics from the University of Cambridge. We have maintained this strong link with the university, and the mathematicians and software engineers at our Cambridge HQ are the great minds behind our technology, and what makes it world-beating.

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