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The ratios next to emerging tech abbreviations indicate the percentage of the funding towards a given technology compared to the total funding made in North America. Therefore, the total sum of the ratios given on the x-axis is about 100% due to rounding errors. The CBI suggests that an additional £100bn could be unlocked in the UK economy by increasing business adoption of key technologies and management practices. In the UK, companies such as The Small Robot Company utilise Robotics in Agritech to improve how food is farmed on a mass scale. Between 2017 and 2019, Europe saw a huge increase in investment related to Agritech and Robotics, from £3m to £43.5m. Agritech, the sector disrupting farming and agriculture, garnered £1.84bn of investment in 2019 compared with £1.06bn in 2016.

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Johnson, deputy director for technology and research investments at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in the state of Maryland in the United States, as well as Honorary President of Women in Tech® Global Summit. I am very excited to invite all of you to the 2022 Women in Tech Global Summit – “HERoes Shaping Tomorrow” – the 30 & 31 May 2022. The Women in Tech Global Summit is a 2-day event happening on the 30th & 31st May 2022 under the High Patronage of Ms. Elisabeth Moreno, French Minister for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities.

Space has been identified as one of the strategic industries for the country and there are resources and facilities available to support its development and growth. Thanks to London and English it is possible to attract global talent as well as tapping in the local engineering, scientific and software talent. Legal automation technology is not new and has been around, in one form or another, for more than 20 years. In an industry known for its paper heavy manual processes, the benefits of document automation are particularly appealing. So why haven’t all law firms and in-house legal teams automated all their documents already? Clarilis is a document automation system that saves lawyers a significant amount of time in producing the first draft of all forms of legal documentation.

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That said, Cambridge is arguably the leading city in Europe with robotics investment/development. Paris has received a considerable amount of funding, particularly in AI development. The investment made toward Helsinki was mostly funnelled toward IoT development.

  • As a social entrepreneur, having to reduce our passion and impact down to informal numbers and profit can be frustrating.
  • Developing Experts is pleased to have New Anglia Capital who invests in companies committed to the region.
  • The UK’s 29 fintech companies with more than billion-dollar valuation make up close to 40% of all UK unicorns, illustrating fintech’s importance to the UK tech economy.
  • It unites academics, researchers, governments and businesses of all sizes around the world working to progress the capabilities of health technologies.
  • When the exchange rate for a specific date was not available, we used the currency exchange rate of the closest date on which the funding was received.

In the Americas, it increased to £24.8m in 2019 from £1.8m in 2017, and in Asia, it was £7.9m in 2017 which increased to £12.9m in 2019. Internet of Things devices are critical for growth and advancement in Agritech. Smart farming devices help to make farming more efficient, by monitoring climate conditions and powering data-driven smart farming. Israel and Canada bucked the trend by growing their robotics investment figures in 2019, but such is the dominance of the US and China in Robotics that overall investment plummeted from £9.1bn in 2018 to £7.1bn in 2019. Robotics endured an investment set-back in 2019 by overall global investment and number of deals completed, perhaps reflecting the old cliche that “hardware is hard”.

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We have had an excellent start to the year, onboarding a huge amount of users. Ensuring that we can deliver the best possible platform for all of our users and continuing to expand our reach are going to be priorities for the whole GoBubble team. The Link app is a web and mobile platform; case tracking and management interface that helps lawyers keep in touch with their clients. It completely reinvents the transactional experience, enabling instant messaging, new business enquiries, document sharing, case updates, push notifications and secure document storage. Whilst we remain true to our academic roots with HQ in Lancaster, we also have an office in London that supports the global sales and marketing function. Then, as part of a major investment programme, Relative Insight is expanding into New York in the first quarter of 2020 so that we can better service our ever-expanding portfolio of US and global clients.

What our Young Global Leaders know well is that it’s easy to lead when times are going well, but real responsibility emerges when you must stand up for what you believe in. With this in mind, we asked eight Young Global Leaders how they will leverage technology and innovate to become better leaders in 2022. Organizations were forced to adopt new technologies overnight to survive, or risk becoming irrelevant.

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Compounding this decision was the recent emergence of a thriving FinTech sector within the North West. GoodBox is a social impact company, driving innovation on behalf of the charity sector. In an increasingly cashless society, charities are feeling the pinch – reporting steady declines in cash donations as we continue to tap our way through train stations and coffee shops. To address this issue, we built a suit of contactless donation devices bespoke for the charity sector. Both of Clarilis’ founders are from Leamington Spa and it is a great place in terms of it being centrally located with easy access to the motorway network and with it being only just over an hour on the train to London.

This is a strong health indicator for UK unicorns of the present and future, and of the UK economy, given that the top 30 foreign-funded tech companies in the UK have created more than 5,000 UK jobs. Cleantech companies – working to reduce negative human environmental impact – attracted 73% more VC investment in 2019 than in 2018, almost double the rate of China at 37%, whilst the US cleantech investment contracted by 36%. Sweden witnessed the largest increase, from £80m in 2018, up over 1300% to £1.13bn in 2019. We are living in times of unprecedented change, with tech entrepreneurs and innovators leading the way.

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