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Each city offers a hotbed of potential for tech and law talent, enabling future employee and business scaleup. Satellite connectivity enables devices and people to be ubiquitously connected. The impact that this will have for the Internet of Things and 5G telecommunications is huge. But above all we are disrupting the space industry itself, making the use of space technology simple and affordable for everyone to use as a tool to solve global challenges. GoBubble is a safer, healthier and kinder social media platform, which has been designed specifically for under 13s. GoBubble solves practical online safety issues around the widespread problem of children accessing and using mainstream social media.

  • Digital tech contributed £149bn in GVA in 2018, accounting for 7.7% of the UK economy.
  • Over the last fifteen years, unprecedented flooding, hurricanes and heat waves have caused mass scale destruction both for cities and rural areas.
  • It will also unlock job opportunities for people otherwise left behind – carers, older people and parents looking to return to work.
  • Her senior team have pretty much all worked with Louise at some point in her career.

We chose to base ourselves in the South West as we believe that there is a lot of talent and opportunity outside of London and that this is a cost-effective way to start things up. A number of Universities are based in the South West that offer partnership opportunities very relevant to our work. We’re re inventing the way people build a credit history by enabling anybody to build a credit history, while they save, for free.

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Mojo uses innovative and intelligent technology to allow customers to see real-time mortgage deals for which they’re eligible in just 15 minutes. The fintech’s team of in-house mortgage experts then manage the mortgage application process from start to finish. Spareable has been working with various foodbanks in the region such as the busiest, Newcastle West End Foodbank to help them manage the supply and demand of their food donations.

Here’s how we’re working to earn your trust every day with Microsoft Teams. Leaders today are faced with the task of taking difficult decisions that can have a profound impact on their workforce and employee wellbeing (although it’s not all grim) in a very uncertain environment. New risks have also emerged with the staggering amount of data created on the internet, such as cyber-attacks that are increasingly frequent and costly.

Tech World

A selection of data featured in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Tech Nation Reports is available online for non-commercial use by third parties. Some data you see in the report is not included, due to restrictions on publishing the data. Founded in 2010, Automated Intelligence is a UK based, award-winning, software company headquartered in the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The tech ecosystem in Bristol is also great, there’s lots of infrastructure and support through things like SetSquared to help you grow. We’re a new payment provider automating regular payments for the lettings, leisure and utility sectors. As a Fintech we help consumers to pay their regular bills through a simple app, giving them transparency and control.

Cyber-security is the pillar of trust in the digital economy; we’re on a mission to build a cyber-secure future for European enterprises. Forward-looking and innovative companies are implementing new software, hardware, AI, and other technological advancements to keep employees connected, safe, productive and attract talent. There should be no denying the incredible impact tech in the workplace has had on the traditional office and how it will continue to disrupt the future of work. During crises, we are confronted with an opportunity to think differently and create rapid change that can have long-lasting impact. According to research by McKinsey & Company, COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the adoption of new technologies, and many of these are here to stay. Within the UK, FinTech is the largest tech sector in terms of investment, so it was important to understand what the consumer adoption rate was within the UK, as well as globally.

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Most companies that have been instrumental in developing innovative technology have been involved in developing multiple technologies simultaneously, like robotics and cybersecurity. If the UK and China see the same changes in tech investment between 2019 and 2020 as they did between 2018 and 2019, the UK will overtake China as the second tech nation, behind only the US – with £14bn compared to China’s projected £8.3bn. 45% of the UK’s high-value scaleups are based outside of London – a positive sign that all nations and regions in the UK are building a pipeline of global tech leaders. The UK’s historic strength in financial services, combined with world-leading policy and regulation in the space such Open Banking and the FCA Fintech sandbox have contributed to building a world-renowned fintech powerhouse in the UK. Purpose-driven UK tech companies are coming to the fore, with investment in tech companies addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals almost doubling in the last year, and growing by over 9x since 2013.

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They provide the cover for theft, damage or public liability that may be incurred by a guest. It means that the generation of Airbnb-ers can now prosper in the sharing economy without the worry of significant financial loss. The sharing economy is thriving and estimated to grow three-fold by 2025. Its success is particularly prevalent in the accommodation and property market, with the rise of platforms like Airbnb. We were the first to establish how the UK’s major insurers treat customers who participate in short-term letting. We found that there were significant shortfalls in both the cover they offer and their communications with their customers about the issue.